The dog on the vents!

I have to admit, I was a little worried when I asked my father to watch our lazy basset hound when we went on vacation.

Our dog isn’t that much work.

I worried because my father wasn’t the child-rearing type. He was a trucker when I was a kid, spending his days on the road; mom raised us by herself, but she has passed on. Dad loves Bailey, so I decided to try it to see how he’d do. I was already worried when my husband and I got to the airport. I started texting dad. He responded with pictures of Bailey just on the air vent; our vents are on the wall, but dad’s are on the floor, and apparently Bailey enjoyed laying on the vent because for the whole week our dad watched her, we received nothing but pictures of Bailey laying on weird vents in his house. There were pictures of Bailey on the vents in the kitchen, the living room and hallway. Dad took great care of Bailey. She had a great time on the vents! My wife and I are planning another trip in the winter. I’m going to leave Bailey with dad again. I wonder if she will appreciate the heat as much as the air conditioning!


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