Hoping to drink more water during workouts

I am aware of the need for good hydration habits.

Drinking sufficient water is vital to silky hair and clear skin.

It is helpful to build muscle, reduce fat and combat injury. I have trouble drinking enough water. I never got into the habit when I was a kid. My childhood home was equipped with a well on the property. The water was heavy with rust, tinted orange and smelled of rotten eggs. It tasted bad. Now that I’m an adult, I neglect to drink water. Even when I carry a water bottle with me all day, I rarely sip from it. I have figured out one way I make sure to drink a decent amount of water is to include it in my workout. I exercise for 60 minutes every day. I play music throughout the workout and typically switch up the type of exercise at the conclusion of every song. I alternate between jumping rope, abdominal crunches, mountain climbers, squats, lifting weights and more. I make myself take a drink of water in-between each song. I make it a mission to empty my entire water bottle by the conclusion of the workout. As I’ve gotten better about this habit, I sometimes refill my water bottle mid workout. Being better about my hydration habits has lessened the number of headaches I deal with. I have less concerns with muscle cramps in my legs. I have more energy in the morning. I recover from a hard workout session much quicker. I am hoping to increase the amount of water I drink during the rest of the day. While I would prefer to reach for a cup of tea, soda or juice, I realize that water is healthier for me. Plus, there’s no calories or sugar in it.


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