It Was Time to Replace My AC Unit

Before the cooler weather hit the city where I live, I made a point to call the local HVAC company so I could hire an HVAC technician to service both the AC unit and the furnace.

I didn’t like transitioning between my AC unit and furnace without having an HVAC professional looking at everything because I worried that there were hidden issues that I was unaware of.

This year, I was especially worried about my AC unit. While it provided AC for my home during the entire summer, it was terribly inefficient and it was old in age. I didn’t know whether or not I should replace it before the following summer and I was seeking the opinion of a certified HVAC professional. When the HVAC professional arrived to service my HVAC system, I asked him to look at my AC unit in particular and judge whether or not it needed to be replaced. He agreed to take a look and get back to me. After he was done servicing everything, he gave me his honest opinion. The HVAC professional said that due to the age of my AC unit and how inefficient it was running, I should replace it before the summer. According to his professional judgment, it was going to cost me more in repairs and energy to run my AC unit if I kept it. Thankfully, the fall season was a good time to purchase and install a new AC unit because nobody else was doing the same. I would have an abundant AC unit selection to choose from and the installation process would be quick and painless.

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