There Were Pollutants In Our Air

My husband and I like to have our HVAC system survive at least twice per year.

  • We typically call the HVAC company right before the spring and right before the fall because these are the two times where we are transitioning between our AC system and our furnace.

Neither of us know anything about HVAC equipment, so hiring an HVAC professional is essential to good HVAC health. We love the HVAC company that we use because they are fantastic about changing out the air filters, cleaning the ductwork, and checking the outside condenser unit. This year, our family became really busy right before the fall season and we accidently neglected our HVAC system. My husband and I had forgotten to call the HVAC company to schedule an HVAC technician to tune our furnace for the fall. I should have known to call the HVAC company as I was switching from the AC system to the furnace, but I didn’t and I still regret it. We didn’t notice any issues with our HVAC system until our daughter began coughing all the time. Her coughing was aggressive and we took her to the doctor. The doctor prescribed cough medicine, but also recommended that we check our air filter. Sure enough, our air filter was packed with dust and debri. There was no room for the clean air to pass through, causing all those irritants to enter the air of our home. We swapped out the air filter for a clean one right away and noticed a significant improvement in our daughter’s coughing shortly after.

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