The Air Quality Was Horrible

Once she created her dream office within her house, she very rarely ever left.

I try to meet up with her at the local coffee shop every now and then in order to get her out and about, but she claims that she has a lot of work to get done.

Her career is demanding, but I think she enjoys her house and she likes being comfortable within her four walls. Last week, I agreed to bring her coffee so that we could get together without her needing to leave for an extended time. As I let myself in through her front door, I was greeted by a lot of sunshine pouring in through the windows. The sunlight was shining brightly and within the rays I could see dust floating around in the air. The air also smelled musty and it felt cloudy. When my sister realized I was there, she immediately came out of her office to greet me. Before she could get a word out, she coughed aggressively. As someone who got out of the house often, I knew that my sister’s living environment was not suitable. I tried to explain to her that the dust and coughing wasn’t normal. In order to prove it to her, I found her air filter and took it out. As expected, it was covered in dust and debri. I insisted that she get me a new air filter to replace the old one. Then, I opened up all the doors and windows and let the fresh air flow through her house. By the time I left, the air had drastically cleaned up. Hopefully, the new air filter will keep purifying the air for her and she won’t let it get so bad this time.

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