The AC unit was so old that it was better to replace it

I used to own a very large house with several bedrooms and an upstairs and downstairs. When I sold the house and moved into a smaller place, I put a lot of items in a storage unit. One of those items was a window AC unit that I used in the living room of the big house. The window AC unit was in the storage unit for 10 years before I decided to take it out of the room so I could use it. I thought it would be perfectly fine, because it was in a climate-controlled and air-conditioned room all of those years. Unfortunately, the AC unit was so old that it was better to replace it. The air conditioner was also growing mold on the fins of the evaporator coils and I was worried about breathing the particles. I knew having an air conditioner would be necessary during the hot summer days, so I began to research different machines online. I didn’t want to pay for shipping, but I found several options with free shipping and handling. I ordered a new machine from an online retailer that shipped it absolutely for free. The machine arrived three days later in a box nearly the same size as my child. There was a lot of styrofoam and bubble wrap inside of the box so the AC unit wasn’t damaged during the shipping process. After I unwrapped the machine and installed it in the window, I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality and style of the machine. The warm white color blended in nicely with the color of our walls and curtains.

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