The furnace was a problem at midnight and I didn't know who to call

Last night around midnight, I heard an abrupt and loud sound in the basement. At first I thought it was the sound of a tree branch hitting the side of the house. I knew it was the furnace when the temperature started rapidly dropping inside of the house. It was midnight, but I put on my robe, slippers, and grabbed a flashlight to go to the basement. I looked at the furnace and I could tell that the thermostat was broken. It wasn’t registering any temperature at all. I figured the thermostat was the reason why the furnace wasn’t working properly. I didn’t know who to call at midnight, but I decided to look up the phone numbers for a few emergency repair services in the area. I called a couple of different numbers and everyone wanted outrageous prices to help in the middle of the night. The amounts were twice as much as the daytime rates. It was very cold and getting colder, but I wasn’t going to spend a fortune when I could easily wait until the next morning and save a ton of money. I scheduled a repair with one of the furnace repair companies that answered my call at midnight. I was the first appointment in the morning and the technician arrived at 7 in the morning ready to fix the furnace and restore my heat. I could have spent a lot of money to have the problem fixed that night, but I was happy waiting until the next day for cheaper rates.
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