I forgot the part at the shop and I was delayed an hour by traffic

I was scheduled to repair a commercial boiler yesterday morning, and I left the workshop precisely at 9 a.m.

The meeting finished at 8:45 and I didn’t stay to have coffee and donuts with the guys. Traffic was busy, but I missed most of the morning traffic by leaving right at 9 am. I was halfway to the commercial boiler repair when I remembered the part I needed for the boiler was sitting in the shop. I meant to place it inside of the van before I left, but I completely forgot. I took the next exit off the interstate and turned around to return to the HVAC workshop. Traffic going the other way was heavier and I was delayed by almost an hour. Between driving back to the shop and turning around again, I was an hour late for the commercial repair. The manager of the store didn’t seem bothered by my tardiness, but I was embarrassed by the turn of events. I worked on the boiler repair all morning. The repair took several hours, and the part I returned to the shop to grab was a very important part of the puzzle. There is absolutely no way that I would have been able to repair the commercial boiler without the proper pieces and parts. I never told anyone that I messed up and forgot the part. When I returned to the shop, it was empty. There wasn’t any reason to rat myself out to the boss, when the delay didn’t cause any problems with the customer.
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