The HVAC tech looked exactly like my dead brother

He even had the same mannerisms as my brother

My little brother went to the military after he dropped out of high school. He served for fifteen years before he was killed in action. I mourned the loss of my brother for years and I still miss him everyday. He was funny and charismatic and he had a soft and gentle heart and soul. He died fighting for our freedom and I will always honor his sacrifice. I still keep a picture of my brother on the refrigerator in the kitchen. It is a constant reminder that life is very precious. I scheduled a tune up on the HVAC unit last Tuesday and the lady on the phone said it was a new guy. I didn’t mind someone new as long as they were going to perform the work properly. I was looking down at my phone when I answered the door. I was expecting the HVAC tech so I never looked out the peephole before opening the door. My mouth dropped to the floor and I nearly fainted on the front porch. The HVAC tech looked exactly like my dead brother. I couldn’t speak for a few minutes because I was so caught off guard. I told the tech that he looked like someone I knew. I watched the guy work the entire time. I couldn’t stop staring. He even had the same mannerisms as my brother. I really wanted to find out more information about the guy, but I thought it would be creepy to start asking lots of personal questions. My brother came home from leave lots of times and the age and look of this HVAC tech was all too familiar.

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