The tiny house required a different kind of HVAC system

After my brother left the military, he used some money to buy a tiny house.

I thought it was going to be impossible to live in the small space, but my brother made the place really nice and functional.

The tiny house has a bed loft with bookshelves and lots of room for knick knacks. The kitchen is underneath the bedroom and there is a small sink with a faucet and a refrigerator. The tiny house required a different type of HVAC unit than you might see in a modern house. There was no room for ductwork inside of the small quarters, so the contractor suggested going with a modern and ductless HVAC unit. A ductless HVAC unit has an outdoor unit and a small indoor unit. Both of the units are connected by electrical wiring and refrigeration tubing. Since the ductless mini-split system is small and takes up very little space, it can practically be installed anywhere. My brother chose to have the ductless heating and air conditioning system installed downstairs. It is much more powerful than a traditional window unit, but it was also more expensive. My brother put the tiny house on the property where my mom and dad live. The property has almost 30 acres and there was a lot of room for my brother to pick a space. My mom and dad suggest that my family and I move on to the property as well, but even 30 acres seems like a small amount of land when my mom and dad are right next door.


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