The house came with a number of problems

A year after my wife and I got married, we decided it was time to buy a house.

We lived in an apartment for several years, but we wanted to put down roots.

We were thinking about starting a family and we wanted a house in a very nice neighborhood with good schools and plenty of activities for the children. We found a house across the street from a park with lots of slides and jungle gems. The house came with a number of problems, but the price was lower than anything else on that side of town. If the house didn’t have problems, there is no way that my wife and I would have been able to buy it at the reasonable price. We had a lot of issues to fix during the first year that we lived in the house. The plumbing was a mess and we had to replace all of the fixtures and that house including the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. The flooring in the bedroom upstairs was caving in and it was starting to sag. I was worried someone would go through the flooring. We also had to replace the heating and air conditioner system. We might have been able to salvage the system with multiple repairs, but it wasn’t financially prudent. The old heat pump didn’t work at all and it seemed like the best idea was simply to buy something brand new and start fresh. The heating and air conditioner came with a warranty and service plan, so we didn’t have to worry about the system for the next three years.


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