I thought we might find something other than video games

My boyfriend absolutely loves video games.

I know that he is a nerd at heart, but that is one thing that I absolutely love about the guy.

Every weekend, Jack and I go to the flea market in town so we can look for old video games and video game systems. Jack works on refurbishing the systems and then he sells everything online for a profit. The last time we went to the flea market, I didn’t have a lot of fun. Jack wanted to talk with every single video game vendor and I was left standing around with nothing to do. I didn’t want the same thing to happen when we went To the flea market on Saturday, so I made a list of things that might be fun to find. One of the things on the list was a new AC unit for the study. Jack and I turned the garage into a study, but the indoor air quality is very warm and uncomfortable. We have a fan at the floor level and another fan on the ceiling, but they don’t help very much when the weather is extremely warm and humid. While Jack was talking to some guys about video games, I walked up and down the rows looking for the items on my list. I was surprised when I found an AC unit that was still brand new in the box. I didn’t know much about the make or model, but it looked like a great deal. I didn’t have a lot of cash in my pocket, so I went back to the video game stand to grab Jack. By the time we walked back to the stand, the AC was already gone.

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