The AC problems were bad, but the septic issues were worse

My boss sent me to a residential AC repair last Tuesday.

It’s not uncommon for me to work on residential AC repairs, even though I am a member of the commercial repair division.

The residential section was very busy and I went to a house down by the river to help a resident with a central AC repair. That drive was really tough on my work truck. I had to drive through 3 or 4 miles of dirt roads with giant potholes and bumps. I will probably need to go to the car repair shop and have an alignment after both trips up and down the road. When I arrived at the house, I noticed a plumber in the driveway as well. I thought it was odd to schedule repairs at the same time, but then I walked into that house. After speaking briefly to the owner, I walked through the entryway and saw the problem. The septic system had backed up into the house and the plumber still had not found the issue. When the AC broke down, the smell in the house was too much for the owner. He asked me to work on the repair, even though the smell inside of that house was awful. I honestly felt bad for the customer. The AC problems were bad, but the septic issues or worse. I was happy to deliver some good news to the owner of the house. The AC repair was inexpensive and very easy to fix. I doubt that was the same news. The customer heard from the Plumbing & Septic company.

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