Back when I was in high school, there was no A/C

Back in the days when I was going to high school, there was no A/C in any of the classrooms and it was terrible.

  • I remember living through my teen years at school just wishing that there was air conditioning in the classrooms because I was one of those guys who was sweaty literally all the time when I was a teenager.

It was so bad that I got a nickname about my sweaty armpits, but there was honestly nothing that I could do about it. Sometimes I would go through an entire bottle of deodorant in a single day and that still didn’t help. I was one of the lucky people who actually had central air conditioning in my home back then. Not many people did because it was a long time ago and things were very different back then. You kids these days don’t really realize just how good you have it with all of your fancy heating and cooling systems and the great indoor air quality in all of your homes, schools, and businesses. Back thirty or forty years ago, things were just not that way at all! I can still remember coming from the nice cool temperature inside of my house and then going into the stuffy, hot school building in the mornings, especially when school first started back after the summer. The lack of air conditioning in the classrooms made my life miserable, both because I was too hot and also because all of the sweat made me a target for my classmates to make fun of!


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