You wouldn’t believe the heat in the great room

You wouldn’t believe how hot it gets in our great room in the afternoons! We have a really big high ceilinged great room and the whole back wall is nothing but tall windows.

Well, whenever the windows get hit with the afternoon sun during the summer, the room starts heating up like crazy.

The heating and cooling system in the house is one of those newer high efficiency HVAC systems that’s supposed to be really great. And honestly, we haven’t had any trouble with the air conditioning or the heating in the rest of the house. Even during the summer, the rest of the house is nice and cool even when the temperatures outside are really hot. So I have not really had any problems with the cooling system except for the stuff that’s going on in the great room every afternoon. The rest of the house is perfectly fine, but if you happen to venture into the great room any time in the afternoon or the evening, then you’re going to have trouble with the indoor air quality in there. The huge windows and the high ceilings take care of that! The temperature in that room gets to be overwhelming and I don’t know why in the world it gets to be that way. You would think that with the high ceilings, the air would be able to circulate in that room. However, that doesn’t ever seem to be the case! I don’t want to have to run extra ductwork in that room, but at this point, no one in our family ever even goes in there during the late spring, summer, or early fall. No one can stand the temperature in that room.

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