We are going to have to get a new heating system soon

I think that we are finally going to have to break down and get a new heating system for our house soon.

We are going to have to do it before winter comes, anyway.

The weather is already cooling down, and we always have really rough winters around here where we live. I hate the cold weather and I don’t really like living up here where we do all that much. However, my husband’s job is here and so we are kind of stuck here for the time being. Anyway, when our furnace broke down last year, we just stalled and decided that we were going to wait and buy a new one this year during the summer. I guess we thought that we might be able to get a better deal on a heating system during the summer when not many people are purchasing them. However, during the summer, the last thing that we were thinking about was our broken heating system. We actually forgot all about it until just the last week or so when the weather started cooling down just a little bit. The sudden shift in temperatures outside made me think about changing the house over to fall decor and it also reminded me that we don’t have a working heating system at the moment! I guess we should have purchased a new furnace in the middle of summer like we had originally planned, because now the price is only going to be going up through the end of the year. It doesn’t matter, though. We are going to have to get one anyway.


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