My brother’s house is way too cold

My brother’s house is always way too cold for my liking.

I keep on telling him that nobody in their right mind wants to have their living space as cold as his always is.

However, he just always seems to think that I am joking and he just laughs it off. The funny thing is, though, that I am not joking at all! My brother’s house always has the air conditioning running on full blast and it’s a really good air conditioning system! l keep telling him that coming inside of his house after being outside on a warm day when the temperature is anywhere about seventy degrees or so is just a complete shock to the system. I think that it feels like a meat locker inside of his house. I don’t know how his kids even live there. I feel bad for them because in the summer when he has the A/C cranked up even more than usual, his kids are all wearing zip up pajamas and hats and jackets all the time when they are doing their homework or watching TV. You can tell that they are super cold, and he just doesn’t seem to notice it. I feel so bad for them but there’s really nothing that I can do about it, I guess. I think maybe I will just buy them a little space heater for their bedroom at this point! My brother is just crazy. I think he has a really high body temperature! I don’t have that same problem at all, that’s for sure.

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