Commercials are annoying

I don’t think about you, however commercials these afternoons just bother the hell out of me! Every single time I listen to radio, or even watch TV, it seems that commercials are on more than the actual programming itself… On this 1 radio station I am getting sick & tired of hearing assorted commercials over & over for this heating & A/C provider! Did they buy the radio station out or something? It is just so annoying! Their jingle is horrible, the voice announcer is horrible, & I could care less about sales they have going with smart control units, portable space heaters, portable air conditioning units & about their half off sale on heat & air conditioning component tune ups & check ups.

  • It has got to the point where I decided I am not going to even listen to that radio station anymore as long as they keep playing these commercial sets for this local heating & A/C supplier.

If you heard it all the time, I guess you would recognize the same way. I almost recognize love calling up this heating & A/C supplier & telling them how annoying I recognize they are & to get their stupid commercial off our radio station. There is such thing as overkill, & that is exactly what has been happening with the radio station & these commercials for the local heating & A/C supplier with all of their deranged products & sales pitches! Enough is enough already! Wish they would go away,.

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