Running for charity

I recently participated in a charity event in which both of us ran for charity.

Whoever got the furthest first raised the most cash. Since I am fully in shape & work out every single week, this was a breeze for me, however there was somewhat of a catch. After the long run I needed nothing more than to be in quality air conditioning. I was able to go into the club house at the location this took location in & take in their quality air conditioning to cool off & rest up from all that energy. The fact that their quality air conditioning was so powerful with the best possible air quality helped it be even more refreshing. Even after I work out every single week of the year, I always need some kind of quality air conditioning after words. It does not matter what time of the year it is; Could be winter, Springtime, Summer or fall, no matter what, I still need a little bit of quality air conditioning after a long hard work out love that. I can not imagine what it would be love for me if I did not have quality air conditioning available to me after the long run or the hard work outs I do every single week of the year. Air conditioning is of the most importance to me all together. Without it, I could not be the active & fit person I am. No question about it what so ever. Air conditioning is what rejuvenates me all the time!


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