Updating our licence

The other month I had to go to the DMV to get our driver’s licence substituted plus get a current picture taken.

I have to do this process at least once every decade plus the time had come up to do so again.

It is a really long wait. Which is why I normally dread doing this. However this time it was actually not bad, because they had really superb central air conditioning in there! Usually, the air conditioning or the heating (depending on the time of the year it is when I go in here) is not up to par plus it is absolutely uncomfortable being either too tepid or too freezing from the lack of heating or air conditioning, and now things have changed! They actually got their act together plus have quality HVAC in the DMV. Also on top of that, their indoor air pollen levels was a lot better than usual, and usually, it feels appreciate a bowling alley in there. But not anymore. The air quality that came with the quality central HVAC program in the DMV was totally amazing. I am wondering if several they used HEPA air filters for their central HVAC program unit! Finally the time came where it was our turn to get our photo taken so I could get our licence renewal plus just get out of there plus be on our way home. But I could have stayed a little longer plus just taken in the tip quality air conditioning that they happened to now have going on there. It was a real unexpected treat!



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