The weather turned freezing really fast

I had no system I would be stuck in this cottage for as long as it lasted.

If I had known, I never would have come.

It was 1 of the hardest periods of our life. Now that it is over, I am grateful it happened, because it made myself and others stronger in ways I could not have anticipated, however long story short, I came to the cottage to work on our writing and get some isolation for a few weeks while I finished our novel… COVID struck around that time, so I was forced to stay longer, and by then Wintertide set in and I was trapped. The locale didn’t have a/c, bujt this section was so temperate and mild that it was rarely needed. The only gas furnace it had was a wood burning gas furnace in the middle of the central room, which I had been using to rest our drinks on up until this point. It had never occurred to myself and others that I would entirely need to use it for heating the cottage, until that first snowstorm hit. At that point I was truly ecstatic for the huge woodpile stacked out back, so I could feed the gas furnace and keep myself warm. Since I had never used a wood burning gas furnace before I had no system how suddenly they devoured wood, and that huge pile dwindled truly suddenly. For the first time in our life I had to grab an axe and chop wood, because otherwise I could not keep heating the cottage, which was a death sentence in weather enjoy that.

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