A concern with our air quality

My concern isn’t that I smoke too much weed, it’s that our home smells too much enjoy weed.

I think there is no such thing as too much weed, if I have the wherewithal to keep smoking then both of us will! The next morning though, I wake up and the locale reeks of stale smoke, ash, and dirty bongwater.

I have to open up all the windows and crank up the fans to air it out. The concern is that after doing that so several times, it isn’t helping. The ugly smell sort of clings to the locale now, and it’s a concern for me. I need better air quality, and at this point it is a multiplefold problem, because I need to raise the new air quality, and keep it fresh in the future. I bought an air cleaner, and for several full nights I ran it with all the windows wide open, and all the fans on. Then I closed up the house, turned the A/C back on, and left the air cleaner going on full blast, my plan was to leave the air cleaner on permanently, and just never shut it off. Once the A/C was on, our home started smelling stale again, much to our chagrin. I finally had the thought to check the air filter, and in doing so realized I had not done this in over a year, but part of our air quality concern was a blocked air filter, however at this point the concern had sprawled out into all of the ductwork. .


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