Who knew Heating and A/C classes were so enjoyable?

It seemed odd for many people when Tabitha said she wanted to go to the local community school to train to become a heating and cooling systems specialist.

Wouldn’t she take cosmetology classes, considering her interest in hair and make up? Tabitha can also do her hair, of which she posts tutorials about, on her social accounts.

She also does hair and make up as a side hustle. However, she said she wanted to choose a job where she’d stand out. The hair and beauty industry is amazing, but it is quite saturated, and she wanted it to remain a hobby, and not something she only did for money. There are many HVAC companies in her city, and they are regularly hiring modern recruits. The demand for heating and cooling is regularly there for both residential and commercial properties. This is among the first things that Tabitha learned when she went to her classes at the community school. There is great money to be made and job security for certified HVAC specialists who are great at their jobs. More and more, Tabitha was convinced that she had chosen the right work path. She’d still do hair and make-up on the side, but her main job would be the heating and cooling industry. Even her professor agreed that was a great idea after they had a conversation after class. Tabitha was having fun in class, and the tests weren’t that awful since she was passionate about her future.


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Isaac and asking the HVAC professor questions

It took time after school for Isaac to figure out what he wanted to do with his life.

His mom and dad weren’t the pushy parents, regularly on your case.

Instead, they offered him room to explore and discover the route he wanted to take. Instead of staying at home, he got work at a local department store selling interesting goods. He’d played different interests in school, so this work was right up his alley. One time while at the store, there was an issue with the heating and cooling system. Isaac was the one opening, and he noticed the cooling component wasn’t toiling. The store felt hot and muggy since it was summer, so he contacted his supervisor to explain the issue. About an hour later, a worker showed up to check out the HVAC system for the store. It’s during the time he was toiling on the component that Isaac started to speak with the worker. He spoke about his work, how the industry is set up, the course he took in school, and even how much he earns. Isaac felt this was the right thing to do, and the more he conversed with the technician, the more convinced he became that he wanted to work in this industry. That evening, he discussed this with his parents, and they agreed to pay for him to take his HVAC certification course at a local school. Isaac was well on his way to becoming an technician! He even found a professor he liked, and he became a great teacher, too. Isaac was regularly asking questions, and eager to learn to get his HVAC certificate.

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The portable air conditioner, and camping with the pets

When my fiance and I met, we were very happy.

For many years, I had been against relationships. When I was in school, I loved this guy with all my heart, but he ended up cheating on me with my best friend! I never quite got over them stabbing me in the back, and this went on throughout school. I became focused on my pleasures, and not finding a spouse. That changed three years after graduation, when I met Steve during a camping trip. I’m part of this group, and had been looking forward to camping in this area. Steve was also there. We started talking and got closer. He was modern to my city so I showed him around and now here my associate and I are planning a wedding and pet parents to three dogs and a cat. We live together. Last summer, my associate and I felt it was time for a camping trip with the pets, so we rented a van and planned everything. I didn’t want to risk us being hot and uncomfortable so my associate and I bought a portable air conditioner for the camping trip. I have enough experience with the conditioners in vans failing, when you’re miles away in the middle of nowhere. So, if you plan to go camping in an RV or a van, bring a portable heating or cooling component with you, depending on the season. The portable air conditioner will keep every person in the van or RV comfortable in case the vehicle’s system fails.


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Rowan and her dog loved the cool air from the modern AC

Owning a lake house had been lovely, and Rowan was grateful she listened to her cousin about the investment. For a long time, she lived in the city in a house where she was paying rent! Rowan works a great job, largely remote, so she rarely left his house for work. This is why her cousin encouraged her to start looking for a house outside the city. She had recently come across this development near a lake, in a semi-remote area that was amazing. Rowan loved the area, and the lake houses are not as high-priced as the city houses in the city. She trusted the advice she got from this cousin, and bought a three bedroom property for herself and her dog. A few repairs were necessary to make the property even more perfect for them, including installing a new AC. The developer had installed a modern gas furnace to each of the houses in the area. This meant Rowan was covered when it came to heating during those long winter time months, but she had to cover the cost of installing a modern AC. It was almost the end of spring, so Rowan had to act fast to install the air conditioning, to avoid the punishing heat of summer. Rowan and the dog loved the cool air after it was installed in her home. She hired an HVAC contractor in the area to perform the work.

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Sadness when the HVAC worker fell

I love where I live.

It holds a special location in my heart. I know many people have the spirit of adventure, and want to see new cities. I’ve done that, and even tried moving abroad once to discover a new way of life, but after two years, I relocated back home because I missed the amazing culture and my family. I live in the north, I was born here, and have recently purchased my first home not too far from where my folks live, and yes, I’m still a mom and dad baby, and I regularly find myself having dinner with them often. I’m also my own person, and thanks to my successful business, I managed to raise the downpayment for a cabin. The house was up for sale for 6 months and the owner agreed to lower the price a bit, and fit my budget, but now my dad and I have been working on it, but we had to stop when winter time came around. It gets so cold, and the snow is deep that it’s pointless to keep toiling. However, now that spring is here, I wanted to make sure the modern heat pump was in place before summer. The property has a reliable furnace that kept me hot all winter. However, the previous owner opted to use a HVAC only when necessary. Since he took the component with him, I had to figure out a new way to stay cool during summer. My parents have a heat pump, so I chose to install the same unit. The night before the worker came to do the replacement, it rained heavily and the ground was slippery. The worker slipped and fell as he was walking from the van to the property and I rushed out to help!

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My dog was afraid of the HVAC specialist

I’d adopted a dog last fall, and she wasn’t too used to strangers.

I am one of those people who tends to retreat when winter starts. Where I live, it is simply magical in the spring and summer, however it starts to die down when fall comes along. By winter, there’s barely any interest, and many people care about to stay indoors. The cold season temperatures are regularly on the news given how cold it gets. But, I must admit this is my home, and I care about it here. It’s just that I occasionally wish winters were shorter and summers longer. That way, we could work and be outside more, then last spring, I had to get things going before the visitors to the area started coming in. I own three cabins that I rent out from mid spring to early fall. Some people do come during winter, however not often. My first job during spring is cleaning, and also making sure the air conditioning is toiling in the cabins and my house. I’m about two miles from the cabins. The HVAC specialist comes and examines all those systems to make sure they are functional. During this season, I had him start with my property to ensure my cooling system would serve me during summer. I’d adopted a dog last fall, and she wasn’t too used to strangers. My dog was afraid of the HVAC specialist, and he ran to hide when I let the worker into the house. The tech understood, and went on with his inspection and repair while my dog watched him from the corner. I made sure to tape her because it was so cute to watch.


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Mom insisted we add a media air cleaner since we had cats in the house

One thing my fiance and I forgot when we got married was that marriage merges two different families.

We remembered this when we were planning our wedding.

We came from different parts of the country, and met while working in the same city. Everything was great for us, and we knew my associate and I wanted to get married. So, my fiance proposed, and I naturally agreed to be his wife. However, that felt like the last day we were happy, because planning the wedding was a nightmare. Both sets of parents had strong beliefs about the ceremony, so we ended up eloping. They were mad with my fiance and I for doing that, however it split down the noise and disagreements. We then moved into a house we loved, and adopted three cats. It took my mom a year to come and visit, because she was still mad at me. She came around when I informed her I was pregnant. Dad came and was quick to supply advice about our home, including suggesting we get a media air cleaner since we had cats in our home. We were looking into whole-home media air cleaners before he mentioned this, and I told him so. Dad said that was great; we should hurry up and get the media air cleaner in place before the baby arrives. He also insisted we get the HVAC system in our home inspected before the baby arrived. I should mention he owns an HVAC company back home, so I knew his advice was solid. It’s just hard to take his criticism.

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Duct cleaning is crucial in home with pets

How did I become a pet owner? Well, pets have always been a part of my life.

Ever since I was a kid, we had dogs, cats, and even doves in our home.

I grew up on a farm. There was even one time we had a pet chicken and pet rabbit. So, living with animals in my home isn’t new, and when I moved to the city, I had to let go of this love for pets, for a while. Pets were banned in my building, so I opted to volunteer at the shelter. That way, I could still appreciate pets, even if I couldn’t have them in my home. After the pandemic hit, I felt the need to have animals in my life once more. So, I took that time to find a farm for sale where I could work remotely, and have lots of animals around. I found one in the north, bought it since the property was in great condition, and moved in. Then, I brought home two cats and two dogs from the shelter where I volunteered. Wanting to make sure the property was in the best condition, I hired an HVAC contractor for assistance. I wanted them to install the best system for a home with lots of pets. Plus, I wanted ductwork cleaning. Duct cleaning is important when you have pets in your home. This is something I learned from my folks when we had pets growing up. The HVAC worker who came to do the work was amazing with my pets, and I was so happy they weren’t afraid of them.


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The HVAC technician suggested I regularly change the air filter

I got home one day, and the kids looked suspiciously at me when I got through the front door.

‘Mom, don’t be angry,” one said, and the other two shook their heads in agreement.

To be honest, I’ve heard that many times, and every time I end up angry. For some reason, they think saying this can placate my emotions when I find out what they did. Then, I saw three small heads peeking at me at the corner. Oh, no! The kids had brought three kittens home, knowing I didn’t want any pets! They explained someone had left them at the bus stop, and they found them when they were coming home from school. It had been raining and the kittens were soaking wet. Before I knew it, I was on the couch cuddling with the three cuties and that’s how I became a pet parent. I had to get some assistance with air quality when I agreed to let the kittens stay with us. Having pets in your home can affect your indoor air quality, so it’s important to contact an HVAC worker and have them evaluate your system. The local supplier had some useful information about pets and HVAC systems on their blog. They sent someone to my house to take a look at the air filter, and it was covered in hair, and the kittens were only one week old in the house. This breed sheds a lot, he explained, and so I must make sure I change the air filter correctly. His other advice was to get those special air filters that are perfect for homes with pets.


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A good day until the heat went out

When my kids’ dad left, I admit I didn’t handle things well. He and I both had our issues, even though I regularly thought he’d be around to care for us. He complained about taking all the load, and one day I returned home to a note that he was gone. I went into depression trying to parent three kids, when, before, I was more of the provider, then but, my mom helped me realize that I had to step up. These children were growing up, and they needed at least one reliable parent in the house. It’s been four years, and they are now 15, 12, and 9. It’s much better now for us since they’re older and can handle a few things in the house, they get home from school, do a few chores, get their school work done. I got home at 6, after work, and dinner took a long time, but I have since learned to be a good cook. The other day, I was at work when I got a call from my eldest, saying there was an issue with the furnace. The kids were watching TV when the heat went out. They wanted me to come and take a look. I’m a heating and cooling systems technician for a local company. This work can be demanding, however I’m grateful – it’s also stable, and offers task security. That’s how I’ve managed to raise my kids and keep our home. I knew I’d forgotten to repair our furnace last fall when I heard it had failed. I’m quite active during winter, so things can fall through the cracks. I signed off from work and went home to figure out why the heating component had failed!


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