The AC unit was so old that it was better to replace it

I used to own a very large house with several bedrooms and an upstairs and downstairs. When I sold the house and moved into a smaller place, I put a lot of items in a storage unit. One of those items was a window AC unit that I used in the living room of the big house. The window AC unit was in the storage unit for 10 years before I decided to take it out of the room so I could use it. I thought it would be perfectly fine, because it was in a climate-controlled and air-conditioned room all of those years. Unfortunately, the AC unit was so old that it was better to replace it. The air conditioner was also growing mold on the fins of the evaporator coils and I was worried about breathing the particles. I knew having an air conditioner would be necessary during the hot summer days, so I began to research different machines online. I didn’t want to pay for shipping, but I found several options with free shipping and handling. I ordered a new machine from an online retailer that shipped it absolutely for free. The machine arrived three days later in a box nearly the same size as my child. There was a lot of styrofoam and bubble wrap inside of the box so the AC unit wasn’t damaged during the shipping process. After I unwrapped the machine and installed it in the window, I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality and style of the machine. The warm white color blended in nicely with the color of our walls and curtains.

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The furnace was a problem at midnight and I didn't know who to call

Last night around midnight, I heard an abrupt and loud sound in the basement. At first I thought it was the sound of a tree branch hitting the side of the house. I knew it was the furnace when the temperature started rapidly dropping inside of the house. It was midnight, but I put on my robe, slippers, and grabbed a flashlight to go to the basement. I looked at the furnace and I could tell that the thermostat was broken. It wasn’t registering any temperature at all. I figured the thermostat was the reason why the furnace wasn’t working properly. I didn’t know who to call at midnight, but I decided to look up the phone numbers for a few emergency repair services in the area. I called a couple of different numbers and everyone wanted outrageous prices to help in the middle of the night. The amounts were twice as much as the daytime rates. It was very cold and getting colder, but I wasn’t going to spend a fortune when I could easily wait until the next morning and save a ton of money. I scheduled a repair with one of the furnace repair companies that answered my call at midnight. I was the first appointment in the morning and the technician arrived at 7 in the morning ready to fix the furnace and restore my heat. I could have spent a lot of money to have the problem fixed that night, but I was happy waiting until the next day for cheaper rates.
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I forgot the part at the shop and I was delayed an hour by traffic

I was scheduled to repair a commercial boiler yesterday morning, and I left the workshop precisely at 9 a.m.

The meeting finished at 8:45 and I didn’t stay to have coffee and donuts with the guys. Traffic was busy, but I missed most of the morning traffic by leaving right at 9 am. I was halfway to the commercial boiler repair when I remembered the part I needed for the boiler was sitting in the shop. I meant to place it inside of the van before I left, but I completely forgot. I took the next exit off the interstate and turned around to return to the HVAC workshop. Traffic going the other way was heavier and I was delayed by almost an hour. Between driving back to the shop and turning around again, I was an hour late for the commercial repair. The manager of the store didn’t seem bothered by my tardiness, but I was embarrassed by the turn of events. I worked on the boiler repair all morning. The repair took several hours, and the part I returned to the shop to grab was a very important part of the puzzle. There is absolutely no way that I would have been able to repair the commercial boiler without the proper pieces and parts. I never told anyone that I messed up and forgot the part. When I returned to the shop, it was empty. There wasn’t any reason to rat myself out to the boss, when the delay didn’t cause any problems with the customer.
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The whole class was about furnace problems and how to fix them

I’ve been working for the same commercial heating and AC repair company for the past year.

Last spring, I had to attend a seminar with a couple of additional coworkers from the commercial heating and AC repair company.

One of the classes was extremely boring, and my co-workers and I decided to ditch the class on the second day. The whole class was about furnace problems and how to fix them. That is something that all of us know very well, because we live in a state where there is use for the furnace six months out of the year. The temperatures are cold and frigid and it is necessary to use the furnace most of the time. Since my colleagues and I already knew how to fix residential and commercial problems, we decided to ditch the class on the second, third, and fourth day of the week. We went to the pool and fitness center during those three hours. I didn’t know if we would get into trouble or not, but no one ever said anything about our attendance and we received credit for going to the classes. It’s been 3 months since the seminar and no one is wise to the fact that we skipped that entire class so we could have fun. We had a great time at the seminar and I truly hope we are sent to another one next spring. I had an enjoyable vacation most of the time and my coworkers and I didn’t have to pay for anything except our personal entertainment.



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The HVAC tech looked exactly like my dead brother

He even had the same mannerisms as my brother

My little brother went to the military after he dropped out of high school. He served for fifteen years before he was killed in action. I mourned the loss of my brother for years and I still miss him everyday. He was funny and charismatic and he had a soft and gentle heart and soul. He died fighting for our freedom and I will always honor his sacrifice. I still keep a picture of my brother on the refrigerator in the kitchen. It is a constant reminder that life is very precious. I scheduled a tune up on the HVAC unit last Tuesday and the lady on the phone said it was a new guy. I didn’t mind someone new as long as they were going to perform the work properly. I was looking down at my phone when I answered the door. I was expecting the HVAC tech so I never looked out the peephole before opening the door. My mouth dropped to the floor and I nearly fainted on the front porch. The HVAC tech looked exactly like my dead brother. I couldn’t speak for a few minutes because I was so caught off guard. I told the tech that he looked like someone I knew. I watched the guy work the entire time. I couldn’t stop staring. He even had the same mannerisms as my brother. I really wanted to find out more information about the guy, but I thought it would be creepy to start asking lots of personal questions. My brother came home from leave lots of times and the age and look of this HVAC tech was all too familiar.

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The tiny house required a different kind of HVAC system

After my brother left the military, he used some money to buy a tiny house.

I thought it was going to be impossible to live in the small space, but my brother made the place really nice and functional.

The tiny house has a bed loft with bookshelves and lots of room for knick knacks. The kitchen is underneath the bedroom and there is a small sink with a faucet and a refrigerator. The tiny house required a different type of HVAC unit than you might see in a modern house. There was no room for ductwork inside of the small quarters, so the contractor suggested going with a modern and ductless HVAC unit. A ductless HVAC unit has an outdoor unit and a small indoor unit. Both of the units are connected by electrical wiring and refrigeration tubing. Since the ductless mini-split system is small and takes up very little space, it can practically be installed anywhere. My brother chose to have the ductless heating and air conditioning system installed downstairs. It is much more powerful than a traditional window unit, but it was also more expensive. My brother put the tiny house on the property where my mom and dad live. The property has almost 30 acres and there was a lot of room for my brother to pick a space. My mom and dad suggest that my family and I move on to the property as well, but even 30 acres seems like a small amount of land when my mom and dad are right next door.


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Air purifiers remove allergens that cause asthma attacks

The air purifier filter has to drip-dry and then it goes right back into the machine.

Air purifiers remove allergens from the indoor air. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can handle many different jobs both large and small. Indoor air purifiers are found in a number of businesses and doctors offices. Smaller machines can be purchased for home and personal use. I recently purchased an air purifier for my home. I found out that my youngest son suffers from asthma. He’s had three asthma attacks in the last 2 months. The pediatrician believes these attacks are triggered by dust and pollen. I’ve cleaned the house multiple times and used plenty of dust spray that is supposed to keep the dust away. I had the ductwork cleaned and sanitized by a professional HVAC company. I also purchased a room air purifier for my son. The room air purifier sits in the corner and runs all day and all night. Once each week I remove the washable air filter and clean it with the special solution that is provided in the box. The air purifier filter has to drip-dry and then it goes right back into the machine. I don’t even turn off the air purifier when I remove the filter from the machine. I know that isn’t helping the indoor air but I hate to turn the machine on and off again. So far, I think my son is feeling much better and I can thank the air purifier for his good health. I didn’t think one small machine could make such a huge difference for one little boy.
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The house came with a number of problems

A year after my wife and I got married, we decided it was time to buy a house.

We lived in an apartment for several years, but we wanted to put down roots.

We were thinking about starting a family and we wanted a house in a very nice neighborhood with good schools and plenty of activities for the children. We found a house across the street from a park with lots of slides and jungle gems. The house came with a number of problems, but the price was lower than anything else on that side of town. If the house didn’t have problems, there is no way that my wife and I would have been able to buy it at the reasonable price. We had a lot of issues to fix during the first year that we lived in the house. The plumbing was a mess and we had to replace all of the fixtures and that house including the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. The flooring in the bedroom upstairs was caving in and it was starting to sag. I was worried someone would go through the flooring. We also had to replace the heating and air conditioner system. We might have been able to salvage the system with multiple repairs, but it wasn’t financially prudent. The old heat pump didn’t work at all and it seemed like the best idea was simply to buy something brand new and start fresh. The heating and air conditioner came with a warranty and service plan, so we didn’t have to worry about the system for the next three years.


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I thought we might find something other than video games

My boyfriend absolutely loves video games.

I know that he is a nerd at heart, but that is one thing that I absolutely love about the guy.

Every weekend, Jack and I go to the flea market in town so we can look for old video games and video game systems. Jack works on refurbishing the systems and then he sells everything online for a profit. The last time we went to the flea market, I didn’t have a lot of fun. Jack wanted to talk with every single video game vendor and I was left standing around with nothing to do. I didn’t want the same thing to happen when we went To the flea market on Saturday, so I made a list of things that might be fun to find. One of the things on the list was a new AC unit for the study. Jack and I turned the garage into a study, but the indoor air quality is very warm and uncomfortable. We have a fan at the floor level and another fan on the ceiling, but they don’t help very much when the weather is extremely warm and humid. While Jack was talking to some guys about video games, I walked up and down the rows looking for the items on my list. I was surprised when I found an AC unit that was still brand new in the box. I didn’t know much about the make or model, but it looked like a great deal. I didn’t have a lot of cash in my pocket, so I went back to the video game stand to grab Jack. By the time we walked back to the stand, the AC was already gone.

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The AC problems were bad, but the septic issues were worse

My boss sent me to a residential AC repair last Tuesday.

It’s not uncommon for me to work on residential AC repairs, even though I am a member of the commercial repair division.

The residential section was very busy and I went to a house down by the river to help a resident with a central AC repair. That drive was really tough on my work truck. I had to drive through 3 or 4 miles of dirt roads with giant potholes and bumps. I will probably need to go to the car repair shop and have an alignment after both trips up and down the road. When I arrived at the house, I noticed a plumber in the driveway as well. I thought it was odd to schedule repairs at the same time, but then I walked into that house. After speaking briefly to the owner, I walked through the entryway and saw the problem. The septic system had backed up into the house and the plumber still had not found the issue. When the AC broke down, the smell in the house was too much for the owner. He asked me to work on the repair, even though the smell inside of that house was awful. I honestly felt bad for the customer. The AC problems were bad, but the septic issues or worse. I was happy to deliver some good news to the owner of the house. The AC repair was inexpensive and very easy to fix. I doubt that was the same news. The customer heard from the Plumbing & Septic company.

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