Author: Melissa

Do ordinary paper filters trap allergens and protect you against pollutants?

Higher-grade filters are better at filtering microscopic particles and contaminants from the air Air filters are used in ventilation to remove dust, pollens, and pollutants from the indoor air. Using suitable air filters for your HVAC unit reduces allergens in the air. Ordinary filters only filter large particles in the air. But for these air […]

Reasons why I decided to install HEPA air filters in my HVAC system

I bought my HEPA air filter, and it sure does filter bacteria and viruses from getting into my home’s indoor space I have been having severe allergic reactions when I am in my house. I constantly changed my air filters since I knew that clogged air filters could not filter pollutants from the air. I […]

All the air conditioning system repairs were covered under our home warranty

I personally was genuinely worried but our husband told myself and others not to panic All of us had a problem with our central a/c plan plus I was scared to death that all of us were going to have to pay a fortune to our Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation to get […]