Indoor air problems are no good for our child

My child was born 3 months early.

  • I honestly wasn’t ready to be a Mom plus my spouse wasn’t ready for the baby to come early! Everyone was stunned when Bobby arrived early.

My spouse plus I didn’t know if he was going to ever come to the dwelling from the ICU. He had a collapsed lung plus he was having a huge amount of trouble breathing… When Bobby finally came to the dwelling from the hospital, he was about 4 weeks old. My spouse plus I had to be certain that the nursery was a perfectly germ free environment, so we called a company that specializes in air filtration appliances. We easily met with a salesperson from the staff plus we talked about our need for an air filtration appliance. We honestly told the salesperson about our child plus his particular needs. The salesperson didn’t try to sell us a pricey appliance that was not affordable. The guy told us we would be just fine with a portable air cleaner. The portable air purifier was genuinely affordable plus a wonderful choice for the nursery. At night, my spouse plus I let the portable air cleaner run in the nursery. During the afternoon, we typically put the portable air purifier in the living room where my spouse plus the baby are most of the time. My spouse plus I were severely worried for the first numerous months that Bobby was alive. We worried constantly about his health plus safety. It’s not especially easy to believe that was almost 10 years ago, especially when we see our healthy plus energetic boy dashing around the loft with all of his buddies.



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