She Wanted a Ductless Mini System For Her New Office

I’ve watched our spouse build her company from the ground up and it’s been an incredible process to watch. What started as a activity has turned into a full-time job that brings in more currency than our job which I attended university for. It started out small and then snowballed into something massive. When she was starting, she would kneel at the kitchen table and do what she loved. She’d get up early in the morning and work before she headed to her actual job. As things grew she eventually moved her office into the spare study room. Several years later, the two of us decided that it was time to create a regular office space off the back of our beach house for her. The construction was going to take 6 weeks and our spouse was ecstatic. Of all the design features to option out, our spouse was the most gleeful about how she’d heat and cool the space. After doing some research, she told myself and others that she didn’t want to attach our central Heating and A/C system to the addition. Instead, she wanted to install a ductless mini chop system that would only heat or cool her office. She told myself and others that she wanted to have full control over the temperature of her new office without affecting the temperature and efficiency of the rest of the house. This was a straight-forward requirement and I liked the method of saving currency, so the two of us happily had a ductless mini system installed into her new office. My spouse really deserved this for all her difficult work.

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