My Wife Works Best In The Cold

I’ve typically had an office downtown with all our other employees.

For the past 20 years, I’ve gone to work in that office every Monday through Monday.

My desk is there, our computer is there, and all our work related belongings. My spouse has her own office that’s only for her and two of her closest friends. They all work remotely, so they’ve been renting an office space for numerous years now; When the pandemic hit, I wasn’t allowed to work from our office downtown anymore. There were too several employees toiling from the building and the two of us ran the risk of contracting the virus. When this happened, I was forced to work from home, even though I didn’t care about it. The space wasn’t set up for professional work and I struggled to get things done. I couldn’t focus while I was in normal toiling minutes, and I had a difficult time separating our apartment from work, however because of this, I started toiling from our spouse’s office with her. On our first day though, I realized something about our spouse that I never knew before… She worked best in a frosty office because according to her, it increased productivity. Her office space was chilly when I walked inside and it felt care about there was no temperature difference from the outside. I took 1 glance at her temperature control and saw the number 63 degrees. That was really low for the gas furnace! I’ve been toiling from her frosty office for numerous weeks now and I can genuinely say I’ve only heard the gas furnace kick on a handful of times. I can’t say anything about the temperature though because it isn’t our space.

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