My friends and I stayed in a really cheap motel

My friends and I went to a concert when we were Teenagers.

My friend drove his car and we filled the front and back seat with six people.

We were crammed into the old Chevy, but all six of us were happy to go to the concert. On our way to the venue, the old Chevy started to sputter and shake. We decided to turn off the heat and that helped a little. We stopped on the side of the road and my friend filled the radiator with a whole gallon of water. We didn’t have any other problems with the car. We went to the concert and we had a great time singing and dancing. It was almost midnight when we finally left the venue and headed back home. We were only on the road for a couple of minutes when the car started making the same sputtering sound. We were passing by a motel, so we decided to stop in the parking lot. It’s a good thing that we stopped in the motel parking lot, because the car never started again after we parked. My friends and I had to beg the owner of the motel to give us a room for $23. The nightly rate was $39, but we only had $23 in our pocket. I used the phone in the hotel to call my parents and they wired us money to fix the car the next day. The hotel was really cheap and we did not get a very good night of sleep. The heater kept making a loud sound all night. Each time the heater came on, I woke up startled and I barely slept more than ten minutes at a time.


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