The barn needed heat during the cold months

The HVAC contractors had several different ideas to help implement our plan.

I always pictured myself with horses and I thought that I would grow up and have a stable. I absolutely loved horses when I was a kid and I joined the 4-H program so I could learn how to ride. I married my husband a couple of years ago and the two of us recently purchased a home. The home is only a couple of miles away from my husband’s parents house. They paid for the down payment on a house. My husband presented me with two horses as a present when the two of us got married. We moved the horses from the stables to our property, but first we had to heat the barn. We bought a house near the middle of the mountain in a high elevation and it frequently snows in the area. The two of us knew it would be absolutely necessary to heat the barn If we wanted the animals to be comfortable and safe. My husband contacted a couple of different HVAC contractors in the area that specialize in farming applications and industrial systems. The HVAC contractors had several different ideas to help implement our plan. The two of us decided on a contractor and the type of heating system that we wanted for our barn. The installation process took several days, but the heating system makes it possible for the horses to survive the cold winter nights. We can also add more animals to our farm now that we don’t have too much worry about the winter months. I would love a couple of chickens, a cow, and maybe even a few goats.

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