The filtration company guy caused the accident

My mom and I were in the car and we were on our way home from a baseball game.

  • I played second base for seven Innings and then another one of my classmates got a chance to play.

I had a couple of great plays during the game and my mom and I were talking about baseball when an accident occurred. My mom was driving behind a work truck with lots of equipment on the top rack. The work truck belonged to an air filtration company. I remember the logo for the air filtration company was a giant air filter with a cartoon face. I saw the truck brake very quickly and my mom didn’t hit the brakes in time. My mom slammed right into the back of the air filtration company truck. I hit my head on the window and my mom was dizzy from the accident. The guy in the truck got out and started yelling and screaming at my mom. I got out of the car with my baseball bat and I told the guy to back up or I would start swinging. The guy was acting crazy and out of control. I told my mom to call the police on her cell phone and I got back into the car. A police car arrived a few minutes after the accident and the woman officer took my mom’s statement and the statement of the other person. The air filtration company representative clearly caused the accident when they slammed on the brakes, but the police officer didn’t issue a ticket to anyone.

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