My husband went on a trip, taking the A/C control with him

Last week, my husband had to go on a business trip and without realizing it, he left me and the kids for a week of misery with no way to access our air conditioning system.

Whenever we got our new smart thermostat system put into the house a few months ago, my husband was the only one of us who downloaded the accompanying heating and cooling app onto his smartphone. I mean, I never really thought about any of the rest of us needing the HVAC app, because he’s the only one who ever really adjusts the thermostat settings at our house. I guess he doesn’t travel all that much, really, even though I do complain to him about it when he does have to. I probably shouldn’t do that, though. It’s not that often that he has to go out of town for work. Anyway, it was too late by the time we realized that he was the one with the heating and cooling controls programmed into his phone. He was already on a plane, heading across the country for a week and a half. We knew that we were going to be in for a long, hot week and a half, since the only way to turn the A/C up and down was literally on a plane and a thousand miles away from home. Thank goodness we have a smart thermostat and he was able to adjust it from out there for us. Of course, he got sick of me texting him to tell him to turn the A/C up and down.


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